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The Doomsayer Trilogy

May, 2006

Hypothetical Software is very proud to announce three original featured mysteries written by our very own Michael Magen (John Hale): The Doomsayer Trilogy.

Players completing all three mysteries in the Doomsayer Trilogy will gain access to special prizes that are not available anywhere else in the game.

Episode 1: The Prisoner

Saturday, February 4th

Domino Walker has escaped from prison. Find his accomplice and you will find him. But finding him will require an odd bit of help from a certain shady character and ultimately, when you get your man, you will find far more is at stake than you originally thought.

Author: Michael Bagen | Setting: New York

Episode 2: Killers

Tuesday, March 28th

Terrence Zorn is a hunted man, and now a captive of unknown enemies. But there is more to his kidnapping than simple revenge. The great killers of the underworld have been summoned, and all will not survive.

Author: Michael Bagen | Setting: London

Episode 3: The Gift

Saturday, May 13th

The Final Reckoning looms as three people seek to unravel the mystery of the Doomsayers and their insidious plans.

Author: Michael Bagen | Setting: Delhi

About Sleuth

Sleuth (www.playsleuth.com) is an open-ended, detective role playing game (RPG) where you solve mysteries by searching for clues, questioning suspects and interviewing witnesses. Every mystery is unique with different victims, suspects and clues. All mysteries are solvable, in fact there are always two ways to solve any single mystery, but player skill and a small amount of luck are necessary to nab the guilty suspect.

Sleuth is published by Hypothetical Software Inc.